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November 5, 2014, 11:48 pm
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It feels like a while since I had my hands on a new issue of Lou Scannon but no matter how much time passes between those issues it’s always been worth the wait and after six consistent issues so far I was hoping that issue #7 would continue that momentum.

Issue #6 marked a change for the title as it made the step from that comedy series to sci-fi epic…..issue #7 changes it’s feel slightly again but still holds onto that sci-fi epic vibe.  Lou, Vic & the rest of the crew have just come through some rough times and the Raging Hormone is in some desperate need of some TLC – problems from hull to thrusters and the team are split up to tackle the repairs.  That’s the core of the story and not much else really happens but that’s fine because this issue marks a fairly crucial point in the Lou Scannon mythology as we get to see the crew bond while they work.


The character development helps the reader become involved just as much as we did on those action-packed issues which adds another level to each crew member and the feeling that the entire crew is the perfect balance of brains, luck and good people.  That in itself makes this entire issue bring with it the comic book equivalent of a hug – comforting to have a chance to catch your breath but just as accomplished as we gain so much over the course of it.


The comedy is still tight as well and makes just as regular an appearance with a balance of slap-stick, fart-jokes and subtle glimpses of the madness that the entire team bring to this release.  There are a few scenes where the radio comms are breaking up and only every second word comes through…….with laugh-out-loud effect.  I chortled & snorted at each one and re-read them a few times just to get another laugh.

The sci-fi/comedy combo has always brought with it that comparison with the likes of Red Dwarf but it’s with issue #7 that Lou Scannon and the crew step out from that shadow & become real characters in their own right.  This stops them becoming caricatures and Kris, Dan & Jim help elevate their Lou Scannon creation onto another level.  The one frustrating thing is that we didn’t get to find out any more about Lou’s discovery of the Datapad and what info it may have held…..they even hint at it in a scene just to taunt us.  That’s forgiven easily though as the gains in getting to know those characters and finding out a bit more on what makes them tick is a phenomenal reward that makes me want to go back and read all seven issues as many times as I can between now and #8 hitting.

Issue #7 debuts at this years Thought Bubble and you can get hold of all 7 issues there too (which I recommend you do).  If you can’t make that you can always treat yourself over at their website.



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