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A who’s who of small press names have teamed up to bring us this free….that’s right, FREE!!…….Halloween Anthology of 13 (spooky) short stories and all for the fun of making comics.

Some of those 13 are new with a mix of established small press titles getting a one-shot story added to their mythology in Halloween form.  All well-rounded stories with a typical mix of themes and ideas you’d get from any anthology.

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Chop Chop Chop!

by Peter Mason @UNiCOMICS & check out more of his work here.

Afterlife Inc. : The Black Room 

Written by John Lock  @jonlockcomics & see Afterlife & more on his website.  Take a look at previews reviews for volumes 1, 2 & 3

Art by R.H.Stewart @Rhs_illustrator & take a look at his portfolio here

Peg Powler

Samantha Holmlund, check out her website here.

Descending Outlands : Halloween Special

Written/coloured by Shaun Dobbie @dobes2 & check out the website here.

Art by Paulo Oliveria

A Date with Death

Written by David Hailwood – check out his blog here.

Art by Tony Suleri – check out his blog here.

Lettering by Ken Reynolds – check out his website here.

One More Family Secret

Luke Cooper – Check out more of his work here.

Bertie Bear : Prelude to Terror

Andy W. Clift @andyWclift & check out his website here.

Think Yourself Dead

Written by Stu Smith & David Hailwood (David’s blog link above)

Art by Brett Burbridge

The Gee Bees : The October House

Written by Steven D. Quirke @thegeebeescomic

Art by Kel Winser – check out Kel’s other work here.

Lettering by Mike Stock @sheriffstocky with more of his work here.

The Kill Screen : Out of Sync

Written by Mike Garley @Mikegarley with more info at his website here (He doesn’t like “The Mist“….so he’s pretty wierd :D)

Art by Josh Sherwell @JoshuaSherwell and check out his art here.

Lettering by Mike Stock twitter & website above. Check above.

Previous reviews can be checked out for issue #1 & #2.

The Witch of West Wood

Guiseppa Barresi – more artwork here.

Little Terrors : A Halloween Tale

Created & Illustrated by Jon Scrivens @JonScrivens

Written by Patrick ‘Patman’ Cline @PatmanCline

Comic website here.

The Red Mask from Mars : vs The Haloweener

Written & Illustrated by Vince Hunt @jesterdiablo and check his blog here.

Coloured by Shaun Dobie – check info above.

Comic website here.


Go get your digitial hands on a copy now at the following link:

Happy Halloween Anthology



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