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GCBC: Casebook #2

The first GoodCopBadCop release won a True Believers award for Best British Black & White Comic and with Casebook #2 set to debut at next months Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival, I got a chance to check it out. (SPOILERS!)

We’re back with DI Fisher and his Jekyll & Hyde days as with the Glasgow force as creator/writer Jim Alexander brings us two stories with our cop of two halves.  Tiny Facts of Kindness (art by Luke Cooper) sees the main story of the release play out as dismembered bodies wash up in the River Clyde and it’s Detective’s Fisher & Spencer’s latest case.  A jumble of botched robbery’s and figures in the post are all seemlessly woven together with enough hints here and there that there’s a bigger story on the go.  Something that becomes all to clear once the church gets involved and it’s here that we see a slightly different side DI Fisher.

Tiny Facts of Kindness

Coming face to face with the main suspect Fisher falls foul to the what could be the same fate as the previous victims we’ve seen but how will that all play out for our central character….surely the dark side will come out and reap revenge??  There’s a few twists and turns before the end that you’ll have to read yourself to take in but safe to say it continues to draw you into the madness of the main character.

Second story, Twisting the Knife (art by Will Pickering) sees Detective Spencer delivering a report on another case to the Chief Superintendent but there’s more to her report as she runs through the details with her boss.  The double-edge to this story though is her seemingly pointing the finger at DI Fisher for strange and questionable behaviour.  Cue the darker side of his character making an appearance and we’re thrown back into doubt over which side is really in control…..the cop trying to do good or the bad cop trying to act out his own justice.

Twisting the Knife

These are two different stories that reflect the different sides to DI Fisher’s character which Jim manages to develop from the first cases he released so we’re still very much in support of Fisher’s approach……both of them.  The evil in the criminals they face are matched with the good & bad from our central character and the doubt that Spencer has as his partner brings a reflective response to the story and an overall balance to the stories.  The fact that the wider police force seem to support his approach from the shadows make this all the more involving as the mystery runs deeper than we probably know or suspect.

Great characterization as usual from Jim sees the “Villain of the week” feel to the stories really start to gather a broad range of crimes & criminals which are ripe for both the good & bad side of Fisher’s psyche to come out…….and the only person who really knows which side that will be seems to be Jim himself.  I can imagine this being a dark character to write because of the extremes of those two sides and the unbalanced head Fisher has on his shoulders must be a scary place to steep yourself in.  The two artists do a stellar job of keeping that sinister balance in place too and emphasize the good and bad sides of the anti-hero we have in Fisher – similarly, the detail added across both stories punctuates the real world with the mythical elements the Jekyll & Hyde character has, handling a slightly different look for the both sides of the same character is managed impressively by them both.  I’m also glad that it’s kept the black and white artwork too as it holds that b movie vibe that crackles across the pages.  Overall, it’s just as dark a release as you’d expect but goes further in developing both sides of a character that could have very easily been allowed to run riot in blood spattered pages.  The power struggle seems to go on in the background given the subtlety of the writing and attention to detail with the art. so Fisher still remains a very human character….albeit one with a vengeful, darker side.

You can pick up Casebook #2 from Rough Cut Comics/Planet Jimbot at Thought Bubble (in the New Dock Hall).

If you can’t make that then you can get a copy from Amazon or the Rough Cut Comics website from December.



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