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October 20, 2014, 10:22 pm
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Creator Attila Adorjany brings us the first 24 pages of his webcomic and a glimpse of that cover should be enough to pique your interest…….it did for me and this turned out to be a bigger surprise than I was expecting.

We’re instantly lost in the story as an amnesiac/drug dealer stumbles his way along the line between life & death as a mix of his inner narrative and a jumble of flashbacks that cover everything from his childhood, his sexual awakening, his run in with drugs and the mess that all those experiences cause in his head.  It’s part memory, part psychedelic trip that bring in a nod to a wide range of pop culture references and you can’t really tell if he’s escaping something or chasing something and that’s part of the wow factor this story has.

MN #0

I can’t (and don’t want to) give away any of the details because this is an experience I wouldn’t rob you of – all I can say is that the flow of the ideas in this and the elements that at first seem thrown together are all parts of a much bigger story.  Well planned and involving from the start and the over-the-top and inventive elements that pop-up just seem to fit

MN #0 falling

The official line for the story is this…..

Metaphysical Neuroma is a bizarre tale that begins in the mind of an amnesiac who is flickering on the brink between life and death; he just happens to be the greatest hero in all of time and space.

Join him as he must soon re-discover the epic end-boss that earned him the title, and the round 2 fight he must this time win to save the universe again!

……but after 24 pages this is mere detail because you’re lost in what proves to be a bright, energetic, confusing but rewarding issue to read and since it came as such a big surprise to me it’s proven to be one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.  It won’t be for everyone but if you go with the flow – you’ll get lost in this like me.

You can check out Chapter 1 of the webcomic here (which you should go and do now)

You can also keep tabs with this release and each of the chapters over at the website or check out more over on tumblr



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