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October 16, 2014, 2:50 pm
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Exit Generation #3

Sam Read’s Exit Generation hits it’s penultimate issue with #3 and as it eases into the home stretch it seemed inevitable that the positive momentum would continue after that strong issue #1 & #2.

Having left us suitably intrigued by another well timed cliffhanger at the end of the last issue we have a quick one-page recap before delving back into those two plots with Jack somehow assembling a rough and ready group of misfits to go rescue his adoptive parents and his parents assembling their own group to make their escape from their hungry captors.  Jack’s group sneak their way onto the Ruleian ship through the garbage chute that’s just big enough for their ship to squeeze through……maybe they’ll survive, maybe not…..but that’s all part of the adventure right??

Tight fit!

On the ship itself, we get a bit more of a flashback from Grunt about how the Ruleians stumbled across the Exit Projects ship and the floating bodies of it’s crew…..and how that became a space-buffet.  Although that’s glossed over with the revelation that there is one survivor from the project still on the ship.  Grunt leads the survivors to the prisoners cell and thanks to a lucky diversion supplied by the arrival of Jack and his gang…..the guards soon leave the area and we’re all set for the big reveal.

Follow the Grunt.

With Jack on-board and his adoptive parents it was kind of a no-brainer that the unlikely survivor would be Jack’s real dad but that still comes across as the significant moment it was intended. Not much time to rest on those laurels though as survivors and rescuers come face to face for the first time just as the alien crew descends upon them in another frustratingly, well-timed cliffhanger.

Sam hits us again with a well thought-out issue keeping the pace-steady with it’s mix of tip-toe sneaking around the ship to escape guards and the all-out “RUN!!!!” moments that bring us towards that ultimate face-off.  I can sense that issue #4 may be an all-out war and will fully admit that I may have whispered “SH%& just got real!” to myself as I reached those final panels.  Artwork is crisp again with Caio Oliveira nailing the finer details of those sinister aliens as well as the poignant reveal of our sole survivor from the Exit Project with ease.  Mixing all that in with the action and Sam’s well-paced script to build on what he already achieved in those first two issues.  Marissa Louise continues the stellar job she did on colours when taking over on issue #2 and the creative package is topped off with letterer to the stars (???) Colin Bell.  A shout out has to go to Ramon Villalobos on covers who has captured the essence of each issue so far as well.

Keep tabs on this release and Sam’s other work at his website:

Sam Read Writes

and if you are looking for a new title to add to your reading pile go grab issues #1,  2 & 3 in Digital or physical copy now:

Read French Comics



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