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September 28, 2014, 9:35 pm
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Thoughts From Iceland

It seems to me that comic book travel books are the way forward in finding destinations I want to visit and things I want to experience and thanks to creator Lonnie Mann…..Iceland has moved up that list.

Having read the likes of Big in Japan &  Crossing Borders (both by Moogs Kewell) or Seven Days in Berlin & Nine Lines of Metro (both by Neil Slorance) it’s fair to see that travel and the exploration of this planet we live on is something that still burns within us all.  In a similar vein to those, Thoughts of Iceland covers Lonnie’s three and a half day trip to Iceland where he tries to cram in as much Icelandic wonder as he possibly can.  As with most travelogue comics there’s a risk of becoming too much like a guide-book when in actual fact the personal experiences and feelings as that exploration is going on plays just as big a part as the sites, sounds and smells themselves.


Lonnie takes us through his every step on his journey, starting with the flight & getting currency for the trip through to walks he takes around his temporary home for the duration of his stay.  The quirky tourist gifts, the mix of new foods & the whole process of immersing himself in a new culture is laid out across the pages with an openness and honesty that makes this easy to get swept up in.  The familiar elements of travelling are there throughout as speaking with the locals brings with it more places to visit and more information about the country as a while.  Then there’s the trip with other travellers where we get introduced to the typical rogues gallery of seasoned & newbie visitors to Iceland itself.

Iceland visitors

Lonnie’s honest approach to his likes & dislikes and a keen eye for the details that may go unnoticed on our own trips adds several finer layers in these issues.  Bringing us into the experiences and making us wish it would never end……in much the way that Lonnie does.  That attention to detail in his writing carries across into his artwork and I can imagine me taking notes on my next trip or even doodling some of the sights I see.  An involving trip which soon becomes an adventure with some impressive artwork that helps emphasize the excitement of travel.  Adding some of the photo’s from the trip is also a nice touch at the end of each issue.

You can keep up to date with Lonnie over on his Facebook page or at his website for Con appearances & more .

You can grab these three issues over at Comixology now.



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