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ECLIPSE #2 by G-Man
September 27, 2014, 8:10 pm
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Eclipse #2

After setting a fairly strong and consistent foundation in issue #1 (reviewed here) I was hoping that the creative team could maintain that in issue #2.

Issue #2 picks up where the first issue left off as Eclipse comes face to face with the mob bosses that have taken advantage of the city for far too long. We then flip back and forward through time to look at Keith’s school life which we got a glimpse of in that first issue….and with that we get to see Keith’s drive to do good with his defense of  his fellow classmate & secret love interest Kate.


Defending her from the class bullies is the first step in a chain of events that rocks the routine that gives Keith and his Dad the stability they need and the trouble Keith gets into brings about trouble for them both.


With their schedule out of whack Keith’s Dad heads out into the world aiming to hit the comic shop as they usually do but a local goon attacking a woman down an alley sends him into the alley to act the hero…..just like in the comics he holds so dear.  An ambulance call later and Keith arrives to see his Dad recovering from a beating at the hands of Mr Zahorik from the mob……and we’re starting to see the trigger for his move to become Eclipse.

It’s got that “with great power comes great responsibility” air about it but the human element that Talbott & Meier add to the characters makes this a far more significant step away from the shadow of any other mainstream comic book hero.  Art wise, the issue is just as consistent as that first issue as Raymond & Jimerson combine well to help create the world around the characters…….the only thing I’d like to see is more detail across some of the backgrounds in the panels.  The layout itself works well and the colouring does help build a certain degree of depth but I think the addition of more pencil/ink work would go further to help these characters stand-out in what is proving to be a strong story.

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