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September 17, 2014, 1:17 am
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volume 2 cover

After wowing us with Track One & the 7String/Afterlife crossover The Heavenly Chord – I was hyped to hear that we would see Volume 2 of 7String coming at us this November……and even more hyped to get a sneak peak thanks to creator Nich Angell.

Here’s a bit from Nich about the book, story and influences behind it:
When a great tragedy befalls Zachary Briarpatch at the hands of the would-be dictator Lars Troubleclef, he vows revenge and embarks on a world-spanning quest with his one-of-a-kind guitar sword, the 7STRING.  

But Zach isn’t the only one in trouble. As the musical world of Melodia descends into all out war Zach must learn where music truly comes from to team up and fight a truly colossal evil.
7STRING is a classic legendary hero adventure story in a brand new world of melody and music. Our hero Zach wields a legendary seven stringed guitar sword on a mission of vengeance but at the same time complex international politics of a previously utopian world start to fall apart, and war seems imminent.

In the world of Melodia battles are fought with instrument weaponry, with extremes in volume, adjustments in tempo and changes in key to surprise your opponent. The world is defined by the 4 Clefs, tribes that people align to:

There’s the Altern Clef, home to the String-Ja ninjas who specialise in dischord and the use of Flat and Sharp as a martial art.
The Brace Clef city states who focus on digital music, electronic synthesizers… keyboard technology.
The Tremor Clef are ancient and wise… specialising in the ‘magic’ of woodwind and brass

…and the Trouble Clef. A rising power under the leader of a new ruthless dictator, specialists in Percussion. Raw power if you keep time, but lethal if you lose your rhythm.

But this is a world of music, and at the core of the greatest music is emotion, passion and heart. So get ready for a truly character-driven story as Zach and a whole cast of colourful and exciting musical warriors experience heartbreak and victory on their path to save Melodia.


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In the second volume you can expect to see the details for how the previously utopian world of Melodia collapses into war through the politics of a musical culture. You’ll see Zach fight the two most lethal opponents he has ever fought so far, you’ll discover betrayals and traitors from characters you wouldn’t have expected, familiar faces and new ones… and the introduction of a new central cast member.

Bells Deck Photo

The book also shows characters playing the in-universe card game ‘Bells’, a Melodian playing card game.I made a deck of Bells for real and devised the game that is played with them. Special editions of the book will include a deck of the cards but every copy has the rules in the back and a link to a print and play version so everyone can play their own game of Bells! (ive attached a pic of the game!)

7STRING is my major graphic novel project. It is a loveletter to battle-comics, manga and french sci-fi albums, a fusion of emotional storytelling and action, Saturday morning cartoons and a whole new world to get lost in.

World-building is a major love of mine. I’m a huge fan of any story that bothers to map out its world, specify cultures and their history, to think about the details like currencies and flags… all that stuff makes these places real. World-building is a major defining aspect to 7STRING.

It’s influences stretch from Avatar the Last Airbender, through to Star Wars, Green Lantern, King City, Gitaroo Man, Guitar Hero and One Piece.

Keep up-to-date with the release of Volume 2 over at Nich’s website and go grab yourself a copy in the New Dock Hall at Thought Bubble in November.


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