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September 8, 2014, 9:35 pm
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Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates

Indie comics seem to be one of those places where people love to write stories about their lives and Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates from MJ Wallace is no exception as a 2 year period is covered with her lighthearted autobiographical strips.

The first page sets you up for whats to come as MJ tells her boyfriend that she’s going to write a comic about them…..boyfriends response is a demand that he be drawn as a bear and we’re off!  The series of strips covers some of the day-to-day normalcy given the added bonus of featuring a bear & that in itself is a pretty damn good hook.  Only when you realize all the things that can happen in someone else’s life over a two year period do you realize just how much can happen in that amount of time.  There’s a break-up to start things off, there’s romance as bear meets girl, there’s dating, there’s Alton Towers, there’s gaming and everything in between.


Even that doesn’t cover all that’s in this though as the short punchy strips capture life in all it’s mix of happy, sadness, humour and more and entertaining on every page making it feel longer than it’s 32-pages.  Well-written with strong consistent artwork and the personal touches throughout give the work a real sense of sharing……like the comic book equivalent of a hug between creator & reader.  Another addition to my “must recommend” pile for titles that take very human moments that could be classed as ordinary and highlight them as the life-changing as any other.  Funny, involving and you’ll laugh and smile your way through every little glimpse into MJ & the Bear’s story.

Go pick up this over at MJ’s Etsy store now.




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