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August 29, 2014, 2:52 pm
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The term “end of an era” gets tagged onto a number of things these days but with the news that Red Hot Comics & its founder Ivor Davis have parted company…’s the only term that seems to hold enough weight to get that message across.

If, like me, you’re a regular to the warehouse or even in contact with them through e-mail, text, Facebook, etc you’ll have been in touch with the man in charge on most of those occasions.  The face of Red Hot Comics that knows everyone and seems to have everyone’s pull-list catalogued somewhere in the deepest parts of his memory that adds that increasingly rare personal touch that customer service lacks in the wider, faster world of retail.  Even then, there’s more to Ivor’s presence as he seems to live and breathe comics – elevating him as not just the face but the very heart of Red Hot Comics.  His involvement over the years in arranging Comic Mart’s also helped bring comics to a the wider audience in and around the city and paved the way for many of the events we see pop up today.  On top of that he’s been fighting the cause for Free Comic Book day and the annual sale around this event has become legendary among many of his customers across the country who descend on the warehouse.

With all that being said he’s been savvy enough to build a strong team around him and has expanded Red Hot into its Italian base where a similar level of success has been achieved.


So the big question for most will be “what the hell happened?” and we may never know all the ins & outs that have brought us to this point – a difference of opinion, a disagreement, just time for a change – they’re all possibilities but the only definite thing we can take from this is that Red Hot Comics will continue.  The remaining team will take the reins and continue to provide the top-notch service that they always have done, be that in Glasgow or Italy but we can only hope that time will be the great healer that it’s promised to be and that this air of shock & sadness will lift.

As Ivor and the team were some of the first supporters of the Comics Anonymous blog itself this all feels like too poignant an event to let slip by unnoticed, especially as Red Hot has been “my comic book shop” for well over 10 years if my memory serves correctly.  In that time I’ve come to know the gang well and Ivor in particular, as we ramble on with chat about comics, life & probably more comics and with that I wish the best for Ivor, in whatever he moves onto from here and to the rest of the Red Hot staff (Scott R, Chris, Stacy, Scott D, Daren and Bennie) who face the challenge of filling his shoes I hope they continue to make a success of the Aladdin’s cave that is the Red Hot Comics warehouse.

While it’s not an end of the world event by any means it is a significant change for one of most popular comic shops around to face.


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Speechless 😦

Comment by steven

Yeah – seems to be one of those things that doesn’t make any sense.

Comment by G-Man

I have to admit I’ve never thought of Red Hot Comics as a huge part of the Scottish comic scene. Having said that Ivor’s name is synonymous with comic’s in Glasgow. I wish him the best.

Comment by Mark


Comment by Bob

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