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Dungeon Fun #2

Following a strong opener in issue #1 (reviewed here) and my head nearly exploding with some preview images recently released (preview here) I got my chance to sit down and read issue #2 ahead of it’s launch at this year’s Glasgow Comic Con (5th & 6th July).

The question, for this and any other comic, was if the creative team could match the first issue and maintain a high level of consistency…..and thankfully writer Colin Bell & artist Neil Slorance absolutely nail it!  All-ages books are a real craft and done well….as in this case, it’s a gem that you want to share with everyone you know.  The adventure continues as Fun Mudlifter delves deeper into the dungeons and further away from her life on the world up top.  Cue more trolls, mysteries and swords and we’re back on the trail with her as she tries to outsmart ogres, spiders and more along the way…..but little does Fun know that Madame Hel has her on her hit list…..and she’s just reached the entrance to the dungeon.

Dungeon Fun 02

The high adventure is involving and again we’ve got the subtle humour and a surprisingly welcome hint of slapstick that elevates this further and raises the bar for itself.  As Colin weaves his magic wand and dazzles us with surprise turn after surprise turn…..Neil slaps us in the face with some of his best work.  Polished, clean art that captures the wonder of discovery and the depth of a quest that has a strong feeling of becoming something epic.

Dungeon Fun 0207

Engaging characters, some moments you’ll giggle uncontrollably at and all building on top of what was already a fantastic opener…’s also got that rare feeling of being jam-packed across just one issue…..a clear indication of how engaging and entertaining the issue really is.  I’m now wondering when issue #3 will be out……get this AND issue one if you can at this year’s con…..or online at the Dogooder site…..adventure and fun awaits!



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