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It’s just a few days until the Glasgow Comic Con on the 5th & 6th of July and their’s no better way to truly start the summer than in the midst of a con that’s built up a significant following in it’s last few years, stretched to a 2-day event and now spread it’s guests, panels & dealers across three venues……a local highlight of my year and one that I’m hoping continues to go from strength to strength.

As per usual there’s a stellar line-up of guests which continue to impress year on year – with many regular faces returning alongside some big names.  John Wagner, Alan Grant, Rufus Dayglo, Peter Milligan, Denise Mina, Gail Simone, Howard Chaykin & Erik Larsen to name just a few (Full list here)

Exhibitors including Forbidden Planet, A1 Comics, City Centre Comics, Cult Empire Comics, Garry Robertson Fan Artwork and loads more will be covering the 3 venues too (Full list here)

There’s panels, cosplay, signings and one of the best parts of this con, at least for me is to catch up with some of the local creators and their latest releases and this year’s GCC will be packed with debuting issues.  Exclusives list here.  Among these releases are some great titles….some I’ve been fortunate enough to read already but will still buy a hardcopy ( can’t help it, I’m old skool :)) and others that I know will be on offer over the weekend.

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There’s also the annual Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) Awards to look forward to as well with some previous winners and some AMAZING reads among the shortlist:


Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel (supported by CCA: Glasgow)
Beginners Guide to Being Outside (published by Avery Hill Publishing Ltd.)
Crawl Hole (published by Craig Collins)
Crossing Borders (published by Rocket Puppy Press)
Dungeon Fun: Book One (published by Dogooder Comics)
The Standard #5 (published by ComixTribe)

Best Artist (supported by Homecoming Scotland)
Iain Laurie – And Then Emily Was Gone #3
Morag Kewell – Crossing Borders
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One

Best Writer (supported by Black Hearted Press)
Gill Hatcher – Beginners Guide to Being Outside
Colin Bell – Dungeon Fun: Book One
John Lees – The Standard #5

Best Cover (supported by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.)
Craig Collins, Iain Laurie and Derek Dow – Crawl Hole
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One
Jimmy Devlin – Saltire: Invasion

 Onward to a weekend of comics, comics, comics – the countdown is most definitely ON!….See you there.


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