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DISKORDIA #1-10 by G-Man



Getting a run of issues for ANY comic is like stumbling across a boxset of your favourite show and hitting it in a marathon run through.  While that may be more of a gamble with a comic you don’t know much about, if it pays off you’ve lucked out and that’s what I was hoping would happen with Diskordia.

It’s hard to describe just what Diskordia is……we have some main characters in school kid Jackal Black as his reality seems to unravel before him, we have reporter Vernon Cutter embarking on his interview with the most powerful woman in the business world Iverna Diskernia who’s CEO position at the Faust building seems to bring with it a more sinister edge to her character.  Sure there’s some other characters in there along the way but the magic of getting to read something like Diskordia is keeping as much information back as I possibly can and letting you discover the mysteries for yourself.

What I will say about this title though is that it’s a true mix of …..well….everything.  It’s got the real world , the dream world, a mix of nightmares, a hint of gods, demons and monsters and all somehow tied together in what initially seemed to be random events and coincidence.

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A mix of so many ideas has the potential for getting messy but Andrew Blackman/Rivenis Black manages to tread that tightrope with surprising ease……bringing us a Gaiman-like world of inventiveness and otherworldy characters that just works.  Pacing is spot-on across the 10 issues so far and while it can flip from one story to another quickly it’s not too jarring as they’re all connected in some way…….some just barely linked and others far more intricately intertwined.  This is a mature book, which is no surprise given the horror/death/life elements and this reads like a self-published version of something like American Gods or Saga….it’s THAT good.  Overflowing with ideas and a heavy feeling of fantasy to it, it brings a more thought-provoking sense to it’s storytelling than I was expecting.  Much less throwaway, punchy entertainment but much more complex and involving.

The artwork is great too as it matches the themes within the issues and while some panels feel like they’re rushed or lacking in detail it’s in tune with the progress of the story and the moments that are being captured.  A smart use of two-page spreads captures some of the vastness too although reading it in digital format you tend to lose the fuller impact these pages are intended to have and there are also a couple of panel layouts that get mixed up and slightly lost in translation in digital too…..although those are minor quibbles that don’t detract from the story or interrupt momentum too much.

You can catch-up on the 1st 10 issues over on the Diskordia blog page or at comixology and keep up with more developments over on the Facebook page too.



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