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Exit Generation #2

After opening with a strong first issue (reviewed here), Sam Read brings us the second part of his title Exit Generation and I was hopeful that this would keep up the momentum.

Issue one left us with a fairly significant cliffhanger as the aftermath of the alien invasion/human harvesting which saw Jack and his adoptive brother, Mo, feeling helpless as their nearest and dearest disappeared into the belly of the alien ships.  Belly being the key word as this issue helps elaborate on the truth behind the alien race and their on-going mission to eat the native species of any planet they visit.  Think Drive-thru taken to the extreme and you’re there.  While that’s an oversimplification of the story itself the real fun element to this issue is the pacing of two plot-threads…..the survivors taken onto the Alien ship and possibly working their way towards being marinated in time for issue #3 and Jack’s quest to save his family.

Jack and Mo

Cue Jack and Mo attempting to find a pilot with a ship to help them on their journey.  They’re fortunate to know of a possible lead and the bartering begins proper to gain safe passage into space.  Although that’s something that they seem to stumble across quite easily we also see a montage of their firearm training as they prepare to take the battle to the aliens head-on.  Interestingly enough Sam manages to balance this plot and the struggles of the human prisoners perfectly as he builds the uncertainty of their fate with the quest for their rescue.  The background of both these plots are built on with ease and the issue seems to be full of strong characters and great story that just sweeps you up and hits warp-drive before you can say “engage!”


The only minor quibble from that first issue was the lack of back story on Jack’s adoptive parents but that’s completely disappeared with this issue as the pacing and treatment of the characters is so complete and full that we’re caught in the mix.  The downside of this is that the issue ends just as we hit that momentum but then that leaves us hyped for issues 3 & 4 – so it’s a smart piece of work by Sam.  The artwork from Caio Oliveira is just as stunning as it was in that first issue and in fact, I think he may have just raised the bar and hit us with the wow factor.  Colouring by Marissa Louise is solid too as she takes over from Ruth Redmond and maintains the same quality and this is all polished off by letterer-extraordinaire Colin Bell to further embed this issue in the must-read category of self-published gems that are out there.  Hitting us with a similar cliffhanger moment as the first issue, our group of misfits head into the sky above to find the alien ships…..and yet again……I’m screaming at Sam in my head to get issue 3 out ASAP.

Keep tabs on this release and Sam’s other work at his website:

Sam Read Writes

and if you are looking for a new title to add to your reading pile go grab issues #1 & 2 in Digital or physical copy now:

Read French Comics





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