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June 17, 2014, 11:06 pm
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Squatters #1

That cover alone should tell you the type of story you’re in for with Squatters #1 but it’ll also tell you that it’s got a huge potential given the quality that’s hinted at……..the hope is that the interiors and the story can deliver.

The basic premise of the story is that the human race is still fighting the good fight against the onslaught of attacks by clouds of wasps and other parasites.  The government tackles these with regular gassing of the cities and the wail of an alarm in the city acts as the trigger for those people stranded in the streets to break out their government issued gas masks.  The first casualty of these attacks is one of the pilots of those planes that is overcome by a swarm of attacking wasps.


This triggers the grounding of all flights and the deployment of the of our quarantine team Eazy, Hail, Rae and Zak to investigate just what happened.  We get bug  attacks, flame-throwers and the beginning of a vast new world that could see us shift uncomfortably in our seats and scratch imaginary itches as the subject matter seems to burrow under our skin.  A well-crafted, smart-paced opening issue that sees creator/writer Eli Mamane hit his stride, bringing us some great characters and an accomplished release that doesn’t have that indie feel to it.  It’s far more polished than some self-published work can be and then the art work from Graeme Howard (pencils, inks) & John-Paul Bove (colourist) helps take the promise of that front cover (by Paul McCaffrey) and just blow you away.

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There’s no dates specified in the book itself so this could all happen tomorrow, next week or sometime soon and that’s part of the magic of this I think.  The real-life vibe and the factual parasitic nature of the bugs that appear in the issue make this an issue you can read and re-read a number of times and STILL enjoy it…..something I did myself.  Issue #1 builds a significant momentum and I hope that future issues will build on that and keep this tale going strong.

Keep up with the progress of this release over at their Facebook page and check out the Kickstarter that finishes on 21st June 2014 it’s WELL worth an investment.




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