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Earth Alliance #1

Florida-based Future Earth Entertainment brings us it’s first comic release in Sci-fi tale Earth Alliance following a successful Kickstarter and it’s a story of survival, politics, war and the quest for a power source in the form of a mineral called Elirium.

While that may sound like the usual sci-fi elements you’d expect and the issue itself does tick all the checkboxes for sci-fi traits we’ve seen before……the story itself is rich mix that perfectly balances Earth on the brink of war with a focus on the strong survival plotlines.  Fossil fuels having run out in the year 2190 the human race has reached for the stars and found it’s salvation but with that comes the discovery that we’re not alone in the universe.  No surprises there but the energy crisis certainly resonates with the world we live in today so the “not-to-distant” future gives this a greater feeling of relevance.


While the political/war plot plays out between the merged forces of the G-10 on Earth and their covert operations to infiltrate the Khuttari and assess the real threat the represent, there’s the much more personal plot that follows Admiral Benjamin Ryan and the fate of his son Thomas.  Drifting in and out of trouble, Thomas’ latest misdemeanor forces his dad’s to enforce an ultimatum that sees him enlist in the Alliance as they prepare for what could be all out war.  While the heads of state aim for peace the secrets within draw them ever closer to pulling the trigger and starting the attack……something they do as the issue progresses.  Thomas continues his training and we get glimpses of his daily life and the forces gathering for Earth…..there’s a fine balance between both stories and the details intermingle well as creator/writer Raymond C. Fields brings us a BSG-like world that has JUST as much quality.


The art from Marc Olivent & colours from Rachel N. Ward bring the vastness of space and the close, confined parts of the political thriller and alliance training together with a real style that  lifts this further into that feeling of an epic in the making.  A strong first issue builds to an effective cliffhanger with a double-cross and the beginning of what seems to be all-out war.  Great work from the creative team and it’s yet another showcase for the indie/self-published quality that’s out there.

Head on over to the website to find out more.



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