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Big Trouble in Little China

In preparation for reading Boom Studios release of Big Trouble in Little China I watched the movie for probably the hundredth time and I was instantly taken back to when I was younger…..watching this with my sister Lynda or my cousin Sean and just laughing my head off.  For this reason…..I smile at just having this comic in my hands……so no pressure right?

Pork Choe Express

Picking up where the movie finishes we see Jack Burton on The Pork Chop Express leaving Chinatown on a dark and stormy night with radio in hand and more pearls of wisdom for anyone who’ll listen.  All interrupted by that pesky demon who’s hitched a ride and has it’s sights on Jack……although after a screech of brakes and a face-off…..we soon find out that there’s more to the demon’s story as he’s more friendly pet than attacking monster.  This stuff could only happen to Jack.  He does the ONLY thing he can think of and returns to the same group of people he’s just battled Lo Pan with and Jack and his new companion, now named Pete, head back for some advice on just what the hell is going on.

Jack and Pete

Wang’s wedding is in full-swing when Jack arrives and bringing a demon to it is just plain bad luck for Jack and the gang although we do get a quick interlude to hear a bit more about Jack’s failed marriages.  Egg explains to Jack that Pete is now HIS demon and it’s passed to him since they defeated Lo Pan….something that has Jack less than impressed.  Jack is enjoying the wedding as best he can until the Wing Kong burst in with revenge on their minds and we’re kicking off another insane quest for Jack into the dark magic and mystical mysteries that made the movie a cult hit.

This first issue is a fun-packed, fast-paced adventure that sweeps you off your feet and brings you along for the ride……and it feels like we’re shoulder to shoulder with Jack as he slides in his one-liners and monologues that will make you smile even more.  John Carpenter & Eric Powell team-up well on the story and they’ve captured the Jack Burton charisma, the magic of the movie and brought it to life again.  It’s helped immensely by the artwork from Brian Churilla that helps capture that 80’s vibe of comedy/adventure which helped build such a big fan base for the movie and it’s no surprise that I’m hooked on this.  Morseo given the thought of a new run of issues with a central character as strong and entertaining as Jack which will surely make this a massive hit.

Keep up with this and more over at the Boom Studios website.



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