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Man vs Rock Vol 2

After a rip-roaring start to volume 1 of I was all set for some more surreal comedy gold in Man vs Rock #2.

We pick-up where we left off as Buck Stone tries to get closer to the president through his ex-wife to discuss the imminent danger the world faces…..from those pesky rocks.  Dropping in as many rock related puns and pop-culture nods as they can, the creative team build us up in a crazy world with a lunatic central character…..that somehow works to draw us in.  The balance between this insane central plot and the blissful ignorance of the world around them is great and makes the insanity all the more believe given Buck’s conviction in his cause.

Unfortunately, his warnings fall on deaf ears…..but to be fair, spitting in the President’s face wasn’t really going to help his cause.  With the countdown drawing closer to rock-related calamity Buck and his wife are sent packing and that only serves to have Buck working on his own plan to take down the rocks himself.Buck StoneAs the countdown gets closer and closer to finishing, we soon see the overall attack the rocks seem to have planned.  Meteors bombard the city’s and the casualties start to rise all while the President tries to ease the concerns of the public.  That doesn’t quite help though as the damage is already done across the country…….and only one-man can really make a difference to the whole situation……our man Buck.

Meteor attack!

Two issues of pure crazy but pure fun from Victor Detroy, Kevin Bieber & Jared Lamp with a plot so nuts and a a strong central character that carries that on his shoulders so well that it’s instantly likeable.  Artwork is tight and matches the well-paced story step for step.  Not sure how many issues this will cover but I’m in this for the duration so I’m hoping it keeps up the consistency shown in these two issues so far.  Keep up with these and more on the Man vs Rock website.




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