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May 31, 2014, 10:00 am
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Rapid Gazzer 2

After leaving us with our gang of abducted earthlings coming face to face with robot leader Lord Vaset in issue #1…..we’re thrown into the deep-end of an all out chase in issue #1 of Gavin Boyle’s Rapid Gazzer.


Although the escape attempt is not without it’s casualties we have 3 of our group stealing a ship and heading deeper into the planet to escape this latest chase.  An escape that leaves them without a ship to get home on and facing an attack from giant insects in typical B movie style.  This brief glimpse of death ends up with the trio in the clutches of the Zarrel…..a tribe of Lizard-men lead by King Zekk.  While they may be facing the wrath of their new captors the news of their escape from Lord Vaset marks a significant achievement in the eyes of the King and his tribe…..which saves them from certain death.

rg2 3

In among these Lizard-Men the group manage to catch their breath while Lord Vaset continues to abduct people from earth as test subjects but it’s not long until our three survivors (Gazzer, Sophie the model and Father Foley) are back on their plans to get home…..after a good nights sleep first.  That sleep is disrupted by two things….Father Foley gets some unexpected attention from one of the Lizard-folk and Lord Vaset’s robots attack the Zarrel’s underground layer to grab the trio back.  An all out war kicks off as robot fights lizard and with Father Foley becoming the latest in the list of injured characters……the new quest to get Foley back to Vaset’s layer and save his life is on……with Gazzer being reluctant as ever to get involved.

Issue #2 is just as much fun as that first issue, if not moreso and the consistency in that simple premise and simple art combining to give us a great story is still evident.  Great work from Gavin on both those fronts and there’s just as many laugh out loud moments with this too.  Fun, smarter than it looks and just a joy to read……roll-on parts, 3, 4 & 5 😀

Go grab issue #2 here



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