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Escape From Jesus Island #2

After Escape From Jesus Island issue #1 pretty much converted me to loving horror comics more than I thought…..I was hyped to get hold of issue two and see if this would mess with my head just as much.

Just as I’d hoped after reading the first issue we’re given much more detail on the background of ReGen and it’s part in creating the monsters and mutants that inhabit their Malsum Island Research Facility.  ReGen CEO Cameron Thorne started his quest to find a cure for his cancer and the last hope of saving him is to look to recreating Jesus from blood gathered from the nails that held him on the cross…..all fairly wild ideas but the mark of desperation for Cameron and his adoring wife, Anna.  As his time runs out more and more risks are taken with equally more hideous results and batch after batch of failed clones either become staff for the facility or fuel for the fire….so it’s safe to say we’re continuing the messed up ways in this one.  Although it’s given a far more human vein as the plight of Cameron and his quest for survival crosses the boundaries of science and religion.

Even moreso when his attempts fail and the cancer wins the fight…..leaving Anna obsessed with completing his work and adding more monsters to the island as she does so.  Rumours of Anna’s success in the cloning of Jesus do not go unnoticed as The Vatican sends a team to grab the cloned saviour and flee the island.  The team is made up of a handful of members, part hired guns, part ex-military and part doctor….just in case the clone needs any medical attention and there’s a hint that the Pope has gathered this group with an eye on saving his own life from the brink of death as old age is taking hold.

Pope lays down the law

We’re soon whisked away to the island hospital and caught in the midst of an experiment on a few of the latest clones…..testing their ability to duplicate food to feed the masses or face the consequences.  These failures lead to more pain and torture under Anna’s orders and the obsession continues as she seems to have lost all humanity she may have ever held.  News of an approaching helicopter leads to the arrival of the Vatican’s small team and Anna’s orders to send the mutated clones to fight them off……still fairly messed up and I’m still TOTALLY hooked on this one.

The Vatican forces arrive

While issue #1 set this up as a horror……this second issue seems to give it a much more deeper edge as it gives credibility to ReGen and it’s motives and then counters that with the Vatican’s wishes and their own underlying motives.  All kinds of messed up but all kinds of good as we are introduced to more and more interesting characters and the pace picks up as all of these elements collide on the island.  Shawn French & Mortimer Glum continue their stellar work in this release and as grotesque and gut-churning some of the elements are…’s hard not to keep on reading.  Keep up with these and future developments for this release over at the website.



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