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Fixed Up #3

Ian Norris continues his autobiographical comic, Fixed Up and issue three continues the story in Oxford…..before whisking us back to the year 2000.

The stark image of Ian in hospital brings the reality back with a bang as he spends Christmas 2000 in hospital following a gym injury that damaged one of his lungs…..a series of operations including another stay in hospital at New Year brings us back to the day to day life of Ian.

Ian in hospital

Times of first cars, old flames, college and friends bring us the anecdotes and angst that growing up brings as he still lingers on thoughts of his ex, Karen.  Casual catch-up’s seem to only make his longing to be with her all the more powerful and this leads to an air of desperation from Ian.  Trying to get Fixed Up with anyone he gets to talking with…..and an interesting case where phone call flirting leads to an encounter he can’t wait to escape.

It’s here that his meetings with Karen take a change of direction and they become closer and closer then Ian’s friend from Israel, Rachel comes to South Africa to stay and they start spending lots of time together too.  The ripe old age of 21 comes for Ian and with it…….a new step in his relationship with Karen.  They sleep together for the first time and before you know it they get engaged…..just as Karen is due to head to live in London for two years with her friends.  The wait is unbearable for Ian as her promise to return in three months time becomes seven months before they know it.  A heartfelt return sees them spend all their time together and on the day before she has to go home…..they get married on the spur of the moment.

We’re soon back in Oxford and closing out this issue but there’s been sooo much packed into this one that it’s kinda disappointing that it has to end here and that I have to wait until issue four.  Even with what I’ve mentioned, there’s still loads more you’ll pick up in this issue……the reaction to September 11th, the shaved head period in Ian’s life and all the familiar ups and downs taht we saw in those first two issues.

Great momentum in Ian’s story and the art continues to be tight with some really nice touches…..the two page spreads are well used here too.



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