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Monster & Madman #3

Steve Niles & Damien Worm bring their mash-up of Frankenstein’s Monster and Jack the Ripper to a close in this third and final issue of Monster & Madman from IDW.

With the deal made in issue #2 – it’s onward to achieve this as Jack gathers all the parts he needs to create a female companion for Frankenstein’s Monster and while the arduous task goes on night after night for the doctor……our monster loses himself in the newspapers of London.  Headlines tell the stories of brutal murders in the area all attributed to our Monster but all women and all very much nothing to do with our mellow monster.  For the moment his disgust at these vile acts make him far more human than you’d expect and that’s something Niles has managed to achieve across the three of these issues….he’s humanized the character to the extent that he’s become the victim and that draws on our sympathy so very subtly.

Jack's back


Our monster doesn’t even put two and two together that the work of the doctor is in any way linked to his quest to settle his side of the deal.  The tests on the Monster continue as we draw closer and closer to the experiment being complete and the addition of the electrical spark he needs at first seems to bring a complete failure in his final steps……but that’s quickly resolved as the screaming female monster bursts into life with the terrifying last moments all to fresh in her head.  As our monster tries to calm her down amid screams of “Murderer” aimed at the Doctor the realization of just how these body parts have been gathered become all to apparent for our monster as he recognizes his companion’s face……a street worker who was first terrified by our monster when he arrived.

Collecting the parts

The jolt of this discovery brings with it an overflow of violence from both creations as the monster and his new companion take their revenge against the Doctor.  Killing him in his own lab and cutting off his head in an act of complete and utter revenge sees our duo forced to flee and hid anywhere else but here.  Our monster takes his new companion out into dark world outside and lets her catch a first glimpse of sunrise before ending her life in a cruel, poignant and fitting end to the story.  Our monster has gone full circle and is back to being alone and he disappears into the sunset in a typically striking final panel. Three beautiful yet haunting issues where the artwork from Damien Worm breathed life into a monster and evil into a murderer and while I was dreading this being the final issue the ending and journey towards that ending have been brilliant.




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