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Soon to hit a print and digital collection is the first three parts of web-comic Wart – a Gothic, Lovecraft inspired horror comic following the luckless Wart Bellamy.

Opening with a fairly ordinary guy, our man Wart, reading letters near the frozen lake… you do…..and it all changes quickly as the discovery of an eye under the ice.

Eye under the ice

This strange discovery is quickly followed by a tentacled monster erupting through the ice and dragging Wart through the icy water into new, darker world that’s a strange mirror-image of his own.  A world where his own home has become an asylum that marks where he’ll be banged up while here…..and all under the watchful gaze of a doctor and his henchmen.  With an evil plan afoot the time Wart spends in his cell is just as mixed up as the world he’s in and his dimension crossing antics are far from over.

His attempts at sleeping are short as ghosts, rats and the monsters from other dimensions haunt his dreams and drag him to and from their own dimensions in a tug of war for Wart’s help and information…..the bad news is…..he doesn’t know anything…..or at least he doesn’t know what he does know, you know?  Monsters, hooded druids and a female figure with the number ‘217’ carved where her face should be only go further to deepening the mystery and messing with our heads.

Writer Chris Welsh & artist Ammar Al Chalabi bring a great comic to life with all the weird they can possibly cram into the pages and the mystery setup in this first collection seems to build us up to something far bigger.  It’s no wondered they’ve decided to bring this out as a collected edition for sale soon in a digital and print format from the website.  You can keep tabs on progress and more through facebook and twitter too.



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