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May 26, 2014, 11:06 pm
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Cat and Meringue

This release marks a significant part of Nich Angell’s work as a he’s created a comic book world that’s inventive and entertaining enough to make this epic collection of 1000 strips……..and more.

A fairly simple premise as our two main characters seem to just start their adventures together,  Adventures that are part Calvin & Hobbes and part Spongebob Squarepants in places as a phenomenal mix of ideas take us across the sea, over strange landscapes and new worlds, into space and through time with some fun and laughs along the way.  True, this all ages release is a hefty one to work through but that’s part of the charm – the book that keeps on giving.


You can read it in chunks, you can blitz as many as possible in one go and every time you’ll get a laugh…..and if you don’t…’ve got another strip to come along in a second that’ll surely slap you in the face with a pun, surreal moment or anecdote from our own dynamic duo. A duo that we seem to adopt and cheer for as their crazy ways and even crazier adventures play out for us all to see.  Nich keeps the stories short and punchy and it’s amazing that he’s managed to generate this many fresh ideas for each and every strip – the art itself is quirky and likeable without being too over complicated – it keeps it firmly in that all-ages category and ties in well with the overall vibe of the book.  Nich even writes some crossovers into the real world and gets numerous appearances himself alongside his creations.

Fun, quirky, laugh out loud and something that anyone can pick up and lose themselves in with ease…..well played Nich, well played!

Get a look at this and Nich’s other work over at his website




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