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May 25, 2014, 11:35 pm
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I Am Fire

Rachael Smith brings us a tale of the real world in her release, I Am Fire – a tale about a quirky couple of teenagers in the midst of their work experience.

First up is Jenny who has her work cut out in the local craft shop at the mall, work that her mum has managed to setup for her.  In typical teenage fashion she’s on the phone to her friend and using wool to mop up spills and coasting through her time seemingly without a care in the world.


Next up is Chris who has been sent to a Fire Safety Company to try and tackle his pyromaniac tendencies…..we all know someone like that right?  Their worlds come together when a fire drill inspection at the local mall is planned and the pyromaniac is included in this.  We’re all set for a fire drill to test out the staff at the mall’s response,,,,including Jenny at her craft shop.


Needless to say……things don’t quite run to plan as a things get out of hand……we get a real fire, we get chaos and Chris becomes the hero by saving Jenny.  These are all great elements to the story and used well to build the situations up but the real success here is the quality of the characters.  Instantly likeable and real people…..or I assume they’re based on real people because the mannerisms and unique traits they all have are brilliantly portrayed.  The timing of the one-liners and that slight hint of comedy in most scenes are genius-like with their subtlety.

The art from Rachael too is fun and quirky….matching the characters and situations like a glove.  Very similar to the likes the Scott Pilgrim books and it’s got a similar feel to those books… least in terms of the fun and humour.  Well-paced, likeable characters and fun art make this another welcome addition to my “must recommend” list that I have in my head to chip in when deep in comic talk with my friends.

Check out more at Racheal’s website and go grab a copy of I Am Fire over at her Etsy shop.




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