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This exclusive preview was released at this years LSCC event back in March and the idea of a comic based on the inner workings of a computer seemed a typically inventive idea that the indie comic world can offer.

So the general gist of the world created here is that all aspects are likened to the elements of the computer world – the city is the computer itself and the citizens within it are a heady mix of jpegs, zip, mp3 & xls files.  Memory has become a rare and valued commodity for everyone and to top it off we’ve got a virus being released into the general population that’s more deadly than anyone realizes.

the gang

Cue a ramshackle team of forgotten video-game characters that are caught in the midst of this world where politics play out alongside some impressive action scenes.  Their plan? to keep covering the rent and get out to the bar for a drink…..I like it.  Some AMAZING characterization and the very beginning of an epic plot-line from creator Andi Ewington who co-wrote the release with Matt Woodley.  The pair have created a world to submerse yourself in and feel part of, a world with all the key elements that elevate this above a number of well known titles from far larger mainstream publishers.


Couple that with the slick artwork from Paul Green as the vast city and claustrophobic feeling of a population on the verge of desperation glows on every page.  A fair hint of the J. Scott Campbell to the style but something unique in it’s own right…..stunning actually.

Keep tabs on this release over at the website: Overrun



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