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The Six

Issue #1 of The Six introduces us to a world where the Superhero age has come and gone with all mention of the core team of six vanishing back in 1969.

The problem is that the world is constantly under threat from outside superbeings and the chaos they will most definitely cause.  The solution to that has been the forces of HERNE, a secret organization with their sights set on upholding the legacy left by the long gone superhero team.  While the HERNE forces are made up of second string heroes and special agents we see them group together to prevent the latest catastrophe to head in the Earth’s direction.

HERNE is go!

The team work like a well-oiled machine and they take out a faceless enemy which we never get to see….but that’s all part of the setup in this release.  While it’s short, about 10-pages long, it’s still packed with intrigue and potential that spell out BIG opportunities for future issues and there’s also a tease of issue #2 in there as well.

Well written by Job Lock (Afterlife Inc.) and paced well for it’s length and the artwork from the team is far more detailed and intricate than I was initially expecting.  Too good to be this short but a great start.  Worth a read if only to act as a preview of what’s to come from the creative team in the future.  You can pick this up now over at Jon’s website

The six behind ‘The Six’ :

Writer – Jon Lock (

Pencils – Joe Ward (

Inks – Mike Bunt (

Colours – Nadine Ashworth (

Letters & Logo – Michael Stock (

Pencils (Chapter 2) – Rachael Stott (



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