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Escape From Jesus Island

Issue #1 of Escape from Jesus Island (EFJI) tells a gritty story of religion, demons, cloning & science in a typically Hollywood horror and I was initially unsure if this was going to be my type of thing….

While I like horror, I can’t say I go out of my way to seek it out so my first glance through this had me wondering if it’d be something I’d want to read let alone review……but with my usual open mind I gave it a chance.  I’m pleased to say I was right to give it a chance and while this has all the traits of the horror genre…..there’s something extra in this release.  We’ve got a group of activists from STAB (Stop Treating Animals Badly) making theirway to one of the ReGen island labs to break the big story and tell the truth about the cloning the Science Corporation has been keeping from prying eyes.

TO the ISLAND!!!!!

The activists soon stumble their way into the sewers in a bid to get into the labs and grab the footage that’ll bring them fame, fortune and notoriety……but they get a hell of a lot more than that……with the key word there being hell.  A gruesome, visceral mix of mutated monsters and religious demons (if that’s even possible) seep out from the darkness and the activists are soon being bumped off as only the very best fodder can be.

Bloody, violent deaths bring an end to our group and the bigger picture is revealed as ReGen’s motives become all the more intertwined with the Bible than you;d expect…..a mash-up of science & religion in itself shows you how messed up this title is….but it somehow works and it has somehow converted me to being more of a horror fan than I realized.  Great writing from Shawn French gives this a pacing and depth that elevates this from a slasher horror to something more and is part of the reason I’m converted to horror comics it seems.

death death death

Then there’s the artwork from Mortimer Glum that feels far too real and unsettling – which suits the feel of the issue.  Suitably dark and horrifying in places and glimpses of grotesque faces in the shadows conjure up a nightmare feeling somewhere inside.  There’s the introduction of the Vatican getting involved in ReGen’s messing with clones and the merest hint that the results of those experiments may have created Jesus himself.  ReGen remains faceless but I’m sure all those elements will be built on in future issues…..of which there will be many.  5 arcs of 8 issues are planned so we’re sure to see lots more and get all the more unsettled as we do.

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