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Following on from the review of Metrodome yesterday comes news of the follow-up from Craig Collins – Exiles of Metrodome.

As perfect timing combine to give us these words from Craig on what has gone before and what to expect from the next Metrodome project:

“In Summer 2013 Craig Collins and Iain Laurie launched Metrodome; a bold, bizarre and brutal experimental comic.

To create Metrodome random words were extracted from a single edition of the free UK newspaper the Metro, and combined over and over to make an extensive list of outrageous villain names. The finest eight were selected and, based on that name alone, artist Iain Laurie created a character design for each nefarious enemy. The stage was set for these paper-thin miscreants to battle to the death in the Metrodome for the prize of their own comic, and with that, meaningful existence itself!

But what of the others on that list? What about those left behind, outside in the howling dust-choked wastes of non-being, hammering on the gates of the Metrodome for the chance to fight for a place in the world?

Here, in Exiles Of Metrodome, these luckless outcasts are brought to brief and beautiful life in a sketchjam featuring a range of marvellously talented artists from the UK and abroad! Across the 19th-25th of May, look to Exiles Of Metrodome to see sensational villains and monstrous bastards created by a host of brilliant artists from comics and beyond, designed based on only a random name drawn from the Metro and handed to them, and what their own feverish brains have envisaged!

Featuring: Matthew Allison, Neil Beattie, Mark Brady, James Corcoran, David DeGrand, James Devlin, Stephen Goodall, Coll Hamilton, Jess Smart Smiley, Alan Kerr, Jane McGuinness, Rob Miller, Nulsh, German Orozco, Alex Ronald, Neil Slorance, Edwin Vazquez, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and maybe even more…!

Thanks for your attention, best wishes – Craig Collins”

Take a look at some of the latest character images from this below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Metrodome:

…a wonderful experiment in unconstrained creativity” – Comics Beat.

The characters emerge fully formed from the deepest, darkest depths of the magnificently poisonous headspaces of Collins and Laurie… If you like your comics unsettling, in-yer-face and gratuitously grotesque then you can’t go wrong with the wicked and wily wit of these guys.” – Broken Frontier.

Their work together is instantly recognisable and like nothing else you’ve ever read… often hilarious, occasionally  incomprehensible and always, always disturbing” – Starburst Magazine.

Additional Details:
Exiles of Metrodome: Exiles of Metrodome
Metrodome: Metrdodome Battles
Craig Collins:
Twitter: @CraigComicsEtc / @IainLaurie

Buy: Big Cartel Shop
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