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May 19, 2014, 9:48 pm
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Today’s comic is Metrodome from Craig Collins and Iain Laurie……a gory, grimy, gem of a comic idea…….from the depths of creative hell.

A face-off of characters brought to us from the most unlikely of sources…..having all started out from random word combinations from a Metro newspaper.  Words with meaning that caught the eye and were then thrown together to create character names.  That’s how this started and then Craig passed those names to Iain to create characters with no prompting just letting the creative juices flow…..and then it was back to Colin to write us a mash-up of one-on-one battles ending in a Battle Royale of gore, curses and a final winner.

Metrodome - interior

This fast paced comic from the minds of a creative team producing the Comic book equivalent of “Who’s line is it Anyway” and then pretty much messing with our heads.  Fun, frantic and as inventive an idea for a comic as you’re likely to ever see again so kudos to the team for that.  The pace probably makes this feel shorter than it is and I’m hoping there’s more on the way of this type of work from the pair.

Catchup on this and more over at Craigs Blog



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