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A COMIC A DAY IN MAY – DAY 18: FIXED UP #1 & 2 by G-Man

Fixed Up

Ian Norris brings us the first two issues of Fixed Up, telling a coming-of-age story about growing up.  Firstly in Cape Town and then in the other areas of the world he has traveled to.

Each issue focuses on an ex-girlfriend and tells of the impact these have on him.  Issue one is the early days in South Africa, growing up within the Jewish faith and the every day life of school, friends and then girls.  The heartache of love and the awkward stages we’ve all went through are told with a real depth of honesty.  Feelings, thoughts and the difficulties of growing up are told with humour and fondness as Ian takes us through the early years of his life.  Growing up with the usual social pressures but finding his own way in life and with a fairly recognizable bunch of friends that seem to just gravitate towards each other.

Fixed Up opener

Issue two moves us to the present day and a bleary-eyed day at Glastonbury before taking us back to his college days and another build-up to an awkward , heartbreaking relationship that ends.  There is that safety net of good friends to fall back on and the “plenty fish in the sea” vibe makes this an interesting read as we’re on Ian’s side, like we’re sharing the journey somehow.  Part of that comes from the writing as the mix of highs, lows, laughs and tears of real life mix-up in a comforting way  – the geeky nods and the dropping in of Afrikaans words & phrases (plus the translations) just add to the personal touch that Ian has poured into the pages.  Art-wise it’s kept simple and to the point, bold colours and smart panel layouts help highlight the changing moods of the story.

Check out these issues and keep up with the next releases over at Ian’s blog: Fixed Up




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