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Champions of Earth

Fright Entertainment’s first issue of a Champions of Earth sees creator/writers Alex Banchitta & James Riccardo bring us a world of bad guys becoming superheroes through good PR.

Our two central characters, Jupiter Man & Scarab are teenage superheroes with celebrity status giving off that superhero vibe as they save Pop star Candy Cutie from a team of kidnapping ninjas.  This is all a clip though as they make their latest talk show appearance.  The crowd goes wild and as they explain their origins….we get the real story of two teenagers with less than enviable lives.  One a recently dumped runaway trying to escape his family and the other a lazy, selfish waster who’s looking after himself… fairly typical teenagers 🙂 That’s not the story the public hear though as they spew whatever life-affirming story they can use to increase their fame further.

An interesting approach to take as the narrated public story weaves in and out of the real story and it’s here that the best work appears……a nice false front makes this issue different from most other superhero books. The biggest challenge for me is seeing where this will go next and as we close out with a similar “how we met” story masking the real story about how they both used their powers to rob, steal and heist there way through the city. An interesting idea to have such unlikeable characters take centre stage and yet I find myself liking this pair……probably more for the potential that the story has I think.


So the story is good and has enough different elements to keep me interested and the artwork is great too. Strong, solid and clean giving an energy to the action and the lunatic fans while keeping the characters consistent and gritty where needed….so a great mix from the art team – Koko Amboro, Scott Shriver, Ben DeRosa, Chandra P. Kelly & Marcelo Salaza. The one downside for me is the cover itself of the issue as it seems to lack something I can’t quite put my finger on. The copy I had was black and white although there are coloured pages shown from the Kickstarter that just finished running and that looks to be inline with the quality already here.

Fun, interesting and visually stunning (minus that cover) so I’m hoping for more and that the Kickstarter gives the team the chance to make the other issues a reality. Check this out over at the Fright Entertainments website now.



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