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Man vs Rock Vol 1

Volume 1 of Man vs Rock gives you exactly what that title suggests…….a surreal look at the rock/man relationship from writers Victor DeTroy & Kevin Bieber with art from Jared Lamp.

Taking a look through the ages we start this issue in the days of the cavemen and cover the building of the pyramids, the discoveries and war times of the past and this all bring us to the present day where the true threat is imminent. It’s such a crazy buildup that it HAS to be true and the writing draws you in with that mix of crazy & funny.  In the present day everyone seems nonchalant and going about their daily business but one man has seen what’s coming and knows what the pesky rocks are up to. Enter our hero, Professor Buck Stone – scientist & nut job who has already been planning the defence against the attack that’s on its way…..and his grand plan? Lay 1million pounds of C4 at every rock outcrop located near a largely populated area….I like that kind of thinking 🙂

Man vs Rock promo

Shadows move across well known wonders of the world in typical Hollywood fashion and the absurdity of the story becomes even more acceptable as the pop culture nods hit almost under the radar they’re so subtle but that’s the fun of this first volume….it’s SO crazy and so detached from every day formulaic stories that it’s got that cult vibe to it pretty quick. You’ll laugh at this as you read on but you’ll also never look at rocks in the same way. Great characters and a great setup for what’s to come and Victor & Kevin have done a great job at building the suspense and lunacy of a comedy/thriller with style. The artwork is great too…..really detailed and gritty but there’s not a single wasted panel or break away from being in tune with the writing.

Go check this out and keep up with the next issue at the website and on the Facebook page.



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Awesome review! Hope you enjoy Volume 2!

Comment by MvR

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