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The Private Eye

First thing I’ll say before talking about The Private Eye is that I’m an old school comic book fan who steers clear of digital comics and is content with the space-taking, bagged & boarded comics I have that I can hold in my hands……so what would I do with a digital only release……

Forbidden Planet Glasgow held a signing/sketch session last year with artist Marcos Martin and while I was there as a fan of his work on the many Spider-Man covers he has done…..I wasn’t going to miss the chance to get a sketch from him.  Rather than tear myself to shreds trying to decide (Cap or Spidey….Spidey or Cap) I thought I’d give him the chance to choose……and he chose the central character from his project with Brian K. Vaughn.

Marcos Martin sketch

I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about The Private Eye at this stage but that changed as soon as I got home that night…..picking up the first few issues and seeing how this “digital” comic thing was going to work out.  Ironically enough the story is a mix of some of my favourite elements….part noir detective and part sci-fi…..although with far more depth to it than first appeared.  Telling the story of a world that’s moved beyond the internet and the privacy it robs us of – we’re dropped into a future with secrecy & anonymity being treasured above all else and the illegal practice of paparazzi photography.  Cue our central character Patrick Immermann (PI)…….a notary who’s underground life as a paparazzi/private detective keep him teetering on the edge of incarceration.


The story weaves in and out of it’s own plot twists and introduces a mix of murder, secrets and animal masks in a futuristic world that holds our current times of mobile phones, internet and more with an air of nostalgia.  A fantastic mix of ideas from BKV and with truly AMAZING work from Martin as his panoramic artwork seems made for the tablet screen.  Part of me wants to take you into every detail of the story and give away as much as I can but the comic fan in me simply says… it.  There’s no need for me to rob you of the discovery of a great story just to push you in it’s direction.  Another unique aspect to this creator owned project is that you can pay what you want for each issue…….although given it’s quality I tend to hit this with more than I would a standard issue from one of the big publishers…….all the more surreal for me given my views on hardcopy vs digital.

PI and gramps

Nevertheless, the Private Eye has converted me to the possibilities that digital comics can offer – produced in the right way and containing as much passion from it’s creators in the way that this does makes it a must-read…..and one I recommend to everyone I know that’s into comics.  Head on over to the Panel Syndicate website now and pick up those first six issues……you can thank me later.



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