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A COMIC A DAY IN MAY – DAY 14: VALLEY 01 #1 by G-Man

Valley 01 #1

The cover of Bilateral Comics ‘Valley 01’ issue #1 lays out what to expect from this release…’s scavenging for survival with a lone hero taking centre stage……but what do we get in the issue itself?

The first few pages of this release are silent… words and they build on that initial idea of survival being a key element.  The solitary figure from the cover is seen battling a dragon in the desert and with sword in hand he overcomes his attacker and proceeds to gut the mechanical monster for parts.  Bagging up his find we’re introduced to his fellow travel and main cause for annoyance in the shape of what seems to be a fairy and it’s safe to say the fantasy element continues from here on in too as they both semi-argue in the way that friends can sometimes do but all while working together to achieve their goal.  Our central hero Bartlett and his fairy companion then continue to scavenge nearby for as much as they can find.

Bartlett vs Dragon

Heading into the nearest town the bartering begins for Bartlett as he talks to the owner of the local supply store – this doesn’t go well as Bartlett and our fairy continue their bickering and anger the store owner, a Minotaur by the name of Clyde.  Clyde’s anger spills over and he’s soon smacking our central character around to teach him a lesson.  Losing their stash they settle for surviving this encounter and it’s as they leave the town that a falling meteor catches their eye……and in true adventure fashion they head off to find out what the new arrival is about.  Finding a capsule containing a mystery woman the tale takes a new direction again and we close out on a cliffhanger as they try to find out just who their stranger from the sky is.


Writer (and creator of Bilateral Comics) David Heath and artist Anita Zaramella bring us an issue full of fantasy and survival and while this issue seems to be very short – there is a lot crammed in and some strong work from the pair.  Bartlett’s moody, nonchalant character comes across as arrogant in places but his heart is in the right place as he struggles to survive and while some of the dialogue slips into the cliched category it doesn’t detract from the strength of this opener. Well-paced with a great layout there’s more than enough here to keep me intrigued and wonder when that next issue is out.

Take a look at this and more over at the Bilateral Comics website.



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