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Eclipse #1

The challenge with any new superhero comic, be it from a big publisher or from the indie world is making it standout and make it different from everything that’s been released in the genre before……a tough challenge for sure…..but I’m always hopeful that it can be done.

At first, Eclipse seemed like every other superhero out there – costumed crime-fighter using the rooftops to prey on the criminals of the city…..and this didn’t really separate it from any other superhero comic…..the REAL difference here is the back-story.  The how, when, an why about the makings of Eclipse takes us back twelve years and a unique origin that has more heart than most.  A father and son tale plays out as we learn more about Keith (who becomes our superhero) and his Dad as they run through their daily routine…..a routine of necessity as Keith is a carer for his Dad.  His Dad’s condition is never revealed as anything other than autism-like and it’s a real daily battle to juggle everything in his life.

Father and Son

Keith looks after his Dad, looks after their money and all while juggling his schoolwork…..and within this alone we see Keith stand-up (and get beat-up) by bullies as he reacts to the name calling aimed at his Dad & his condition.  Driven to the edge of his frustration we see a change in his approach as he caves under the pressure of everything that seems to be going against him.  A return to the modern day sees the reveal of Eclipse and the head of the mob he’s aiming to take care of, another bully by the name of Mr Zahorik who’s harsh treatment of his henchmen ensures we know exactly who will be a nemesis for Eclipse.

To the rooftops...

A strong back story with some particularly solid characterization from Trevor Talbott & Scott Meier helps make this standout as a significant addition to the superhero genre.  Art from Peter Raymond (pencils & inks) and Jessica Jimerson (Colours & Letters) is strong and consistent and really helps bolster the powerful moments and darker edges in the story.  The father/son parts take centre stage in many ways with the superhero element acting as a backstory that gives a perfect mix for the whole issue.  This all comes together to make this a fantastic opening issue.

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