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Savant #1

Jim Alexander and Will Pickering team-up in this sci-fi release from Planet Jimbot as our space-traveller Lode continues her journey from planet to planet.

Having left her home world of Savant years ago to chronicle the lives of the dying worlds in the universe we pick up with her in the midst of her latest trip.  As she dreams of her childhood in Savant she’s surrounded by the inhabitant’s of Torque…..a city on planet Hurbis and the final days of it’s inhabitants play out the apocalyptic end of days you’d expect.  The interruption from her quest sees local government forces, known as the Civil Service, recruit her for a manhunt.

Lode’s ability to absorb memories makes her a top candidate for the work they have to do in tracking down an escaped war criminal – Trigo.  He is ex-Civil Service and the memory extract from him is swiftly downloaded into Lode’s mind and a barrage of crazy and violence is more than apparent to her.  The mission is on and while they suffer some casualties along the way and get caught up in some guerrilla warfare…’s soon apparent that they’re outnumbered……and we’re left with a typical cliffhanger moment as they face up to those odds.


This is some glorious work from Jim as we get a strong central character tackling her own fears and dreams while caught up in a fairly gruesome choice of career…..if you can call it that.  Studying dying worlds may not be the best option and you can relate to why she jumps at the chance to go on the manhunt.  Paced well and building a number of different layers to the character as we go.  It’s then punctuated with some stunning work from Will that captures the almost ethereal nature of the character and then contrasts that with the severe surroundings and situations she finds herself in.  All of which builds this up to be something far deeper than it first appeared.  Pick this up as soon as you can and hopefully we’ll get issue #2 soon as well 😀



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This is one of the finest books I have read in a looooong time. This is an absolute joy. Small Press just grew into an unstoppable giant juggernaut.

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