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Rapid Gazzer #1

Gavin Boyle brings us issue one (of five) of his creation ‘Rapid Gazzer’ and this is another indie I bought on a whim ( which I quite often do) and I was hoping my gut feeling wouldn’t let me down.

Thankfully it didn’t…..I’m still ahead on the old good to bad read ratio and Rapid Gazzer surprised me on a number of different levels.  First up…’s pure dead Scottish……set in Glasgow we see ned culture and the patter of Glasgow burst onto our pages EXACTLY as I would expect to hear it and that’s not even what this turns out to be about story wise…….it’s more complex than that.  We have a group of random people abducted by a race of alien robots including a priest, some old ladies, our ned from earlier and a model……your typical bunch of people really :D.


As we get deeper into the story we find out that the alien race are being lead by Lord Veset who’s in the midst of a meeting back on Mars with some of the richest people on Earth……….in hologram head form.  A meeting to start bidding on the secret to immortality and all while our abductees take matters into their own hands and escape form their cell, grab some ray guns (as you do) and make their way back to Earth…..hopefully.  Of course, as this is the first issue… was never going to be that simple.


We close out this starting issue with our band of rebels crashing their ship into the lair of Lord Veset…..and they find out they are there as part of the demonstration for the hologram bidders.  I loved this…..a laughed at the Glasgow patter and it’s got a real charm to it… one of those cult, B-Movie’s that EVERYONE has seen…..there’s just a vibe in this one that makes a simple story and simple artwork far greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Great work from Gavin on this one.



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