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Raygun Roads

Raygun Roads by writer Owen Michael Johnson & artist Indio promises us a wild ride of a comic experience but in actual fact…’s somehow far bigger than that…..bigger than the pages it’s written on.

Our central character Vince Paradise and he is our anchor in this comic experience – an average Joe with a sea of potential that “the system” could well destroy.  It’s here that Raygun roads and her band The Kittelback Pirates step in to kidnap Vince from the brink of normalcy and thrust him deep into a vibrant world of potential and semi-hallucination.  A who’s who of pop culture explode across the pages of both parts of this release…..Side A & Side B combine in flip book from and merge with the soundtrack album companion piece from the website to make this whole concept unique.



It’s rare that a comic has such raw power behind it and the comparisons to the likes of Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jack Kirby, Shaky Kane & Paul Pope are all warranted.  Gritty, brash artwork from Indio slap us in the face with the vibrant & violent imagery of that punk vibe throughout and the “down with the system” attitude seems less of a cliche here and more of a perfect fit.  It’ll take a couple of reads to get every reference, to soak in every image and even with the number of references they have…..the large format and savvy, spacious page layouts don’t feel crammed…..if there were too many panels I reckon my head would’ve exploded.


Psychedelic, energetic and a fast-paced pop culture trip that’s slick with a random yet precise direction……messed up in places sure…..but in the best possible way.  Go get this, go visit the website and just enjoy something FAR different than you’ve experienced before.





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