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How to be Suave

Sick of blending into a crowd and struggling to find your mojo?…..then maybe it’s time you got hold of “How to be Suave” and take the tips on-board.

This mini-comic from writer/letterer Campbell Miller and artist Neil Slorance tells the story of Eric, an office worker who’s confidence is at an all time low.  He has fellow office worker Jessica on his mind but he’s too shy to speak to her…..intimidated by the multiple scarf-owning Richard the office ego with two legs, referred to as Dick for obvious reasons.  Eric slips away for the rest of the day and takes residence in the local pub where a pint and crisps help him blend in to the daily clientele…….except the suave stranger in the next  booth.  The stranger’s forgotten about pipe is picked up by Eric and it’s this new object that marks the magic of the issue….and like a modern day genie our suave stranger appears when the pipe is rubbed.

This is where Eric’s schooling begins and the steps to suaveness begin thanks to the mysterious stranger…….with a clear indication that you don’t have to overdo things…..that you should always remain classy…..ALWAYS!!!

Don't overdo it

Tips on what to wear, what to drink, how to smoke a pipe, manners and conversation cover across the next few pages and we come to the real conclusion of the mini-comic and it’s tips.  You’ve got to be comfortable being yourself and that’s the REAL way to be suave…….and I feel suaver already.  There’s some great work in this from both writer and artist…..quirky funny elements mix well with Neil’s artwork which, yet again, maintains a simple appearance but the craft that goes into saying so much more with very little is AMAZING.  A fun read that looks brilliant…….well worth a look.



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