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Food Chain #1

Just look at that cover image and you will probably spot the salesman look in that smug little face……and you’d be right.  That’s a salesman with his hand stretched out to shake your money out of your pockets……but this issue #1 from Jim Alexander is much more twisted than that.

This first in a four part series opens with Marcus in the midst of his latest wine & dine attempt to seal another deal as he promises the world to try and make it happen. Then it’s a nights sleep and on the road to another part of the country to get the next deal in the bag, keeping things rolling and his silver tongue flexed……but he’s asked to give this latest client the chance to sleep on it so he’s stuck in hotel limbo until they decide.  A trip back to the hotel sees him witness a mugging (and do nothing) then settle at the bar for a drink.


Cue the sultry stranger, Jean and the fact they have the same taste in phone brings that instant connection that somehow leads to them having sex in his car.  Marcus seems to pass out and things get all kinds of blurry from here on in as the worst case scenario becomes a reality……he’s lost his phone…..or maybe Jean took it…..we don’t quite know yet.  What we DO know is that this is a turning point in the day to day life of a salesman as a demon appears in his room, rams the phone down his throat and into his stomach and things get weirder and weirder.  He slips in and out of consciousness, forgets where he is and the one number he DOES remember (belonging to his assistant) sees it ring out at  her beheaded body can’t come to the phone right now.

Demons a go-go

What started off as an everyday tale has gone all dark with dead bodies, demons and desperate calls…..although Marcus tries his best to hide that behind his “trustworthy” smile.  This first issue is as highly polished as our main character Marcus…..smooth writing that leads us one way and slaps us in the face with a demon in a “WTF?” moment that has me wondering where the rest of the series will take us.  A good starting point from Jim and Pete Woods art is great – reflecting that salesman shine and the morbid elements that mix in the story.  Another indie added to the pull list.



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