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Dark Hours

Creators B. Luciano Barsgulia & Kyle Roberts bring us the first 2 issues of The Dark hours, a 3-part arc that sets a tale in the town of Redemption and what starts out as a typical western story turns out to be far more sinister and interesting.

As you can imagine we have a stranger moseying on into town and everything you’d expect from a western slips into place – a saloon, a poker game and of course gunfights but things get a lot weirder as night settles into the town and brings with it wolves and vampires into the mix.  An attack in the saloon by the stranger shakes things up but this stranger isn’t all that he seems and and as he’s followed and befriended by a local we’re whisked off into the surrounding area as we find out a bit more about our unforgiving hero…….I say hero because it soon develops that he’s linked with a local faction that’s set on their mission to protect the locals and in fact the world from wave after wave of vampires on the hunt for their next kill.


It’s a religious faction against vampires…..fighting fire with fire as they behead and take out their enemies as quickly and silently as they can….although a brutal attack is not something they shy away from as long as they take out those evil vampires.  A smart mix of ideas and something that draws you in with sharp dialogue and some great characters.  The townsfolk in particular and the group that assemble to go after their attackers are particularly interesting as in-fighting spills over to raise the tension at a time when they’re up against it.

Dark Hours - the teamup

Initially I was overly keen on the artwork as it sort of slipped in those first few pages but the detail and consistency hit it’s stride early on and the detail from Kyle Roberts becomes intricate, particularly through the latter half of issue 1 and across the entire second issue.  There’s some great touches too with the use of some well-placed 2-page splash pages and the scene in issue 2 where everything goes dark and we’re hearing sounds and conversations without seeing any of our characters.

The two issues have built up a steady pace and sustained things well as the promise of that 3rd issue seems to hold a satisfying conclusion to this tale….if anything, it kind of makes me wish this was far longer than just 3 issues……but I’m sure we’ll see where things lead us.  To pick up these and keep updated about that final issue of this arc…..head on over to their website to hear more:

The Dark Hours



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