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May 1, 2014, 10:00 am
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Titan Books release It Came! sees writer/artist Dan Boultwood bring us a comedy B-Movie in comic book form which I recently picked up at this year’s London Super Comic Con back in March.

I was lucky enough to chat with Dan at the time I picked this up and his quirky character seems to have poured into this labour of love and captured a very British tone.  Central characters Dr. Boy Brett and his Assistant Doris Night stumble across an alien robot as it smashes it’s way through the English countryside….bumbling their way from town to town on the way to London.  Along the way we see bunting torn, sandwiches flying and the Great British resolve being tested as Brett & Doris team-up with the army and other scientist to try and fight back.


Smart and funny in equal measure, Dan has been able to condense the spirit of the best 50’s B-Movies in the course of these 4 issues (or the collected hardback) into a hidden gem.  The relationship between Dr. Brett & Doris borders on that Bond/Moneypenny theme with ease and while Dr Brett flexes his male ego with his knowledge on almost ever subject……Doris is content to let him get on with it.  At least until they are in the thick of the action and they’re both using their wits to make it through to the next meeting with the army or the collective minds of a group of scientists.

After a few perilous run ins with the robot attacker we’re lead into the belly of the typically obvious spaceship (with added support wires for authenticity) and the discovery that the British people are being kidnapped and their stiff upper lip is being neutralized in the process.  Queue the attack on London itself and the pair team-up with the bumbling army and team of scientists to come up with some sort of solution.  Hours later and sheer luck sees a cup of tea spilled onto a sample they have and BOOM – the discovery of their solution in a British favourite.  Rolling out the green goddesses with their tanks of tea and the invaders soon fall with much back-slapping and “well done’s” for all.

Boy and Doris

This is a joy to read and there’s some nice touches with themed ad breaks throughout with similar 50’s sensibilities and that writing style with it’s comedic tones is fairly infectious.  Perhaps being a fan of B-movies helps but the subtlety of the humour and strength of the characters gives this a real fun and energetic pace.  Added to that is Dan’s bold art style and I’m pretty sure that while I was reading this I had the recognizable black and white movie crackle fizzing away in my subconscious.



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