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SBA 2014

The 12th & 13th of April saw Hero Conventions bring us the first (and hopefully not the last) Something Bloody Awesome Comic Con in Edinburgh.

Kicking of a new con with a 2-day event was always going to be a hefty challenge and with a far smaller fan base than the likes of Glasgow……so I was keen to attend to help support the new venture.  It’s about time there was something in the east of the country and this could well be the start of something if the weekend I experienced was anything to go by.

A mix of panels and costumed guests were on hand along with the typical dealers and self-published tables mixed in for good measure and there was some pretty cool guests from TV & comics on-hand to sign/sketch for the duration of the weekend.  So it all sounded promising and I think for the most part it worked out as intended.  The venue itself wasn’t the easiest to find but then in the days of Sat Nav there’s a fairly good chance you’ll get yourself there without any real hassle……and what a venue it is.  Great layout, friendly staff and the schedule for the weekend was pretty tight and well managed by the organizers.

Everyone in attendance – guests/exhibitors/visitors all seemed up beat for the whole weekend and while the numbers seemed to be low across the weekend…..I can’t say that took away from my own enjoyment of the weekend……I’ve been to my fair share of BIG cons that have been sell-outs…..but also a real pain in the ass……and SBA wasn’t a drag in anyway.  In fact, I got the chance to catch-up (and grab a £2 pint) with some of the guys from BHP (Sha & John), Spoke with Jim Alexander & Will Pickering over the weekend too… to sit down and chat with Leo Manco who was one of the nicest guys I’ve met at cons plus I got probably my best Cap sketch from him too (If you’re a facebook friend of mine….you’ll have seen the photos).  Had a great chat with Alan Grant about The Bogie Man and possibilities for its future and caught up with some of the creative team behind Moon Knight – Jordie Bellaire & Declan Shalvey where a “can you sign my issue #1” visit turned into an hour of chat on all things comic book, con, music and everything in-between…..they may be tied with Leo for nicest people I’ve met at cons.

The panels I sat in on were interesting too so I can’t say there was anything I would change for the weekend as a fan/punter.  Increasing the attendance would probably be first priority for organizers and those looking to sell from their tables but that’s something that can be generated between now and next year hopefully.  Perhaps some bigger name guests would help too…..but then as I know dealers, small press and now some other comic creators…….I was able to get more out of this event than I have from many other cons in recent memory.

Ambitious given that it was its first year but a cracking venue and the quality of guest/exhibitor gave the whole weekend a positive vibe…..and the fact I came out with comics, freebies, sketches and some interesting news made it a fun-filled weekend.  Roll-on 2015……and I’m sure that SBA will give me cause to return to the east of the country again.


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