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April 10, 2014, 9:52 pm
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Alex The Abominable & Other Stories

I love me some indie books but there’s something particularly special about an all-ages book – the task of appealing to young & old alike has always seemed to be such a fine art with those that achieve it being instantly memorable.

If you think along the lines of Calvin and Hobbes, G-Man, Cow Boy or even Scott Pilgrim – there’s a quirky underlying humour that’s universal and this release from Jack Davies & Jacob Boniface slips right into that category with ease.  The basic premise is family life set in space where Alex and her parents (Ruben & Lydia) are on a constant road trip that involves the age old disputes like “Where’s the remote” and “Oh look something’s crashed into our spaceship”…….and it’s with that sensibility/comedy that we get our glimpse at the potential this title has.

Alex and the family

Instantly likeable characters with something we can all relate to is usually at the core of all-ages books and while I can’t say this was a laugh-out-loud release like some of the others I mentioned it definitely has the ability to amuse.  The adventure within the 3 stories – The Abominable (main story), Alex Escapes and Alex Patrol are all easy reads and with that domestic element thrown in, it just works without having to be overly complex – although some of the dialogue doesn’t seem to flow as well as it might.

Quirky, cartoony artwork adds to that and mixes with some nifty panel layouts to give you an overall good feeling about the potential in this book and what is still to come.  A strong opener for the creative team and it sets things up well with the 2 shorts and the main story giving us a true feel of the characters and the crazy world they live in.  Well worth a read so go and check this and more out over at the website:

Alex Abominable



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