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REVENGE #1 by G-Man
March 19, 2014, 12:07 am
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Revenge #1

The first in a new mini-series coming from Image Comics sees Jonathan Ross team-up with Ian Churchill to bring us a story of fame, celebrity and revenge (Well duh??)

Opening with the brutal surgery scenes and a face being peeled off a guy as he commentates through his thought-bubbles on the pain he’s going through, it’s safe to say that the “mature” tag on this title is warranted but then comics ain’t ALL for kids anyway right?  Bloody opening scenes aside we ease into the story of Griffin Franks, an aging Hollywood actor that’s over the hill and set for a life out of the limelight…..that is until he takes on the role of “The Revenger” in his latest movie.  The role brings him back into the A-list rankings and all the money & sexual perks that come with it see our aging start convinced to try more extreme measures to reclaim his youthful looks.

Revenger - premiere

A trophy, gold-digging wife on his arm to coax him further into the extreme measures as sex, drugs and celebrity merge to give us a fairly grotesque overview of the Hollywood machine but I think that’s the point of this opener.  As Griffins place among the A-listers comes under threat from the studio he’s forced into more radical approaches as an attempt to regain his youthful looks and all with the gentle nudge of his wife Candy.  It’s only then that we get a real feel for what this story is all about as the Candy’s true identity comes to light as she continues the pain & torture Griffin is going through as part of the surgery.  A surgery that’s more about greed, hatred and revenge than anything else and an elaborate plot to take everything away from Griffin……but surely his time as The Revenger on-screen will help him tackle that.

Revenger - post-op

This is a much more complex story than it first appeared and I think we’re seeing Ross broaden his skills at character & plot development.  While his previous release Turf was word heavy with a mix of a number of different ideas and America’s Got Powers was a clear step into superhero’s; it’s here that we’re seeing more of a subtlety in his approach to characters…..albeit within a pretty f&%$ed up way.  Churchill’s art adds that extra element though as what could have easily been another Punisher rip-off is given the Hollywood razzle-dazzle with the detailed lines and savvy layouts.  All coloured with that tinsel-town vibrant colouring that merge with the horrific, bloody scenes to punch home the shock value of those two worlds existing side by side.

A good start and I’ve got high hopes of the rest of this miniseries taking us further into those two worlds……and of course getting some much needed revenge 😀



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