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March 1, 2014, 1:09 pm
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LSCC 2014

The countdown as on and with just 2 weeks to go 😀 it’s surely time to start some prep work……or at least take a closer look at what the hell I’m going to take to get signed…….who I’d like to maybe check-in with for a sketch…..and who would be free for an interview…..that’s IF I don’t get way to excited and get lost in comic box somewhere along the way.

Now for me…..I tend to study who’s in the guest list and take a long look at what titles they’ve been involved with – be that working with some of the bigger publishers (Marvel, DC and beyond) or in most cases a foray into creator-owned material that’s found a home with one of the smaller publishers out there…..or even better if it’s a Self-published gem that grabs my attention.

LSCC Guest List

Safe to say that my list of “must-see” people has grown with each comic con I attend and it grows with each announcement that leaks and then explodes across the internet in a wave of geek euphoria……and I’m pleased to say I ride that wave with great interest and much hype.  So the big names are there and yet again the organizers behind LSCC have raised the bar consistently year after year since they featured Stan Lee in the first con back in 2012.  Bigger and better guests, a broader range of self-published work and dealer tables combines with a growing confidence in the quality of this con in general.  Queues are always going to happen with the names involved and there are going to be those that are disappointed that they didn’t manage to catch someone they’re a big fan of…..but there’s still more than enough comic book heaven to go round.

In the next few weeks I’ll started to plan what I’m taking to be signed….although as soon as a name is released on the guest lists… in-built catalogue of titles I own kicks in and I already have a fair idea of what’s going with me……and that can be a determining factor on my travel plans.  Flying to London for LSCC may be quick but it’s far too limiting for someone like me who has a collection of hardbacks and issues that I painstakingly take care of and who would like to add to them with a creator’s signature.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the LSCC weekend draws closer we get a glimpse at the schedule for the weekend too and with 2 panel rooms available at this years event… well as a signing schedule…’s going to be a juggling act between them.  In previous years I’ve always taken a look in advance but my gung-ho approach has gotten me through with everything signed that I want too…..and the vast majority of people seen over the 2-days.  It’s still a good idea to take a skim across this though as some guest may only appear on one of the days:

LSCC 2014 Schedule

The fun will really kick-off on the day (probably in the MASSIVE queue for the entrance) but that’s all part of the comic con experience…..and the most satisfying thing about ANY weekend like this is being in the company of like-minded people.  We all have our quirks, we all have our favourites and even though I’m pretty sure our differences in opinion could cause a debate until the end of time…’s all somehow part of it.

One thing that I love about the comic cons I’ve been to is the abundance of self-published work on offer with the likes of Lou Scannon, Jon Lock, Planet Jimbot and Nich Angell nestling in Artists Alley among a sea of other talent that would otherwise go unseen.  So I like to make a point of get a wander around these tables more than once over the course of the weekend… much to catch up with folks I know as it is to meet new people…..and this is one thing I would suggest ANYONE going does as there are many, many hidden gems in this section.

So prep work is GO.  Stuff for signing pulled out and I’ve worked out how that’ll all be packed in some insane Tetris-like fashion in my head, I know the folks I really want to see and will pick out some panels too.  Self-published tables will get a visit too and that all has to be worked out with the help of the handy Map that LSCC have recently released.  Another thing to keep an eye out for (which I usually do) are those Exclusives that’ll be released at the Con…..a mix of variants, prints, hardbacks and collectibles – LSCC Exclusives

The countdown continues along with keeping an eye on the LSCC website for any last minute changes, cancellations or even announcements…..HYPED doesn’t cover it 😀 See ya in London.


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