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December 24, 2013, 2:44 pm
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In recent years we’ve had more than our fair share of “events” from the big two and the unfortunate thing is that most have promised so much and delivered very little as they either fizzle out or never really hit the mark.  That was until Infinity came along from Marvel…..

This 6-parter saw the entire Marvel Universe involved in a toe-to-toe battle with Thanos and his hordes of alien soldiers as they kick off a galactic battle.  Written by Jonathan Hickman, someone I’ve had hit and a miss experience with on his other work, but this seemed to come out of the blue as a real quality title that warrants the tag of an “Event” book.  Something that other similar titles have lacked is consistency and they either over-run with 10 or 12 issues of dragged out filler or even cram way too much into a 4-parter.  This is different though, paced just right and pitting the big-hitters against each other with real consequencies and he manages to take our central heroes to the brink of defeat before Cap and the gang pull off a typical but well-measured response to ultimately save the world and the universe itself.


Some brilliantly detailed artwork from Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver fits the epic feel of the book and there’s some amazing 2-page spreads throughout the 6 issues that capture the expanse of space before contrasting that with the closeness of battle.  Thor’s face-off against Builder has to be seen to be believed as it’s got that kick-ass feel to it (i’m assuming if that was every filmed it’d just hit into some heavy rock)…..and that’s because it’s all-out war that leaves them having to hit them with everything they’ve got.  Brilliant in every aspect as it weaves a story of war, sacrifice and the endless will to survive that our favourite heroes represent.


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