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December 24, 2013, 2:43 pm
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Daredevil: End of Days

While this 8-parter started back in 2012 and quickly impressed with its initial issues – it went from strength to strength in 2013 and gave us a classic, must-read Daredevil story (See reviews #1, #2, #3-5, #6-8)

The creative team behind this in itself was like one of those kick-ass teams you see rise up in a movie like The Wild Bunch or the A-Team and they flexed their writing and art muscles in equal measure.  David Mack and Brian Michael Bendis co-wrote the arc and take us into a world where DD had just been killed by Bullseye and Ben Urich’s investigation worked through a who’s who of his ex-teammates, lovers and enemies.

This is the end.....

An intricate plot and flashes of a shadowy DD figure drew us in further and further until a curveball ending that kept us guessing through until the last panel…..GENIUS work.  As if that wasn’t enough, the visuals from Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, Klaus Janson and Matt Hollinsworth are amazing as they give a realistic edge to a superhero tale that’s dark, gritty and brutal in places.  Reading this month to month during its release had me counting the days until the next issue came out and even though I was desperate to know the secrets and see the ending…..I didn’t really want it to end.  One of the best reads in a while that now nestles on my shelves in hardback form……go get one too.


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