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December 22, 2013, 1:21 am
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One of the most consistent titles out just now has been Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja (and many other guest artists).

A mix of one-off stories, quirky stories about Hawkeye’s dog with nothing more than barking in it (has to be seen to be believed) and all following the non-superhero life of Clint Barton.  A story of Hawkeye’s life in the real world with gangland wars, rooftop BBQ’s with the rest of the apartment block and all mixed in with regular target practice to help get him through another day.


Fraction’s scripting is amazing as his use of gangland slang and subtle humour that’s almost weaved into the background makes this a laugh-out-loud release….without really trying.  A quirky approach to the artwork from Aja and those guest artists that drop in and out for an issue here and there makes this  pitch-perfect in terms of its creative team…..and I find myself wondering why I haven’t read more about JUST Clint Barton……an average Joe that can fire arrows like no one else but between lazing about and mouthing off…..he’s quickly become one of my favourite characters in the whole Marvel Universe……..and all while I’m seeing him outside the Marvel Universe…..GENIUS!  This has just hit around issue #14 but you’ve got to catchup with this title… of the best around……and as I say, it’s one of the most consistent too with the high quality team involved.


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